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, or contact one of our customer service representatives. They are always here for you.

Here are some other questions you may have about gifts

Yes, they expire six months after the gift membership ends.

For example: If a gift membership ends on January 1, any remaining gift credits from that membership will expire on July 1.

If you added a gift membership to your existing Audible membership plan, they will not cause any of your membership credits to expire, however, the additional credits you received will be subject to the rollover limits of your current Audible membership plan at the time of your next scheduled billing date.

Note: Gift credits will expire six months after the gift membership ends.

For Audible members, there’s an option on the Audible website. You can buy more credits if you:

You can buy on the Desktop Site or Mobile Site.

After you buy your credits, you’ll receive and email confirmation. If you weren’t able to buy, call customer service for help.

Family Library Sharing allows you to share your Amazon and Audible audiobooks with the other members of your Amazon Household . As an Audible member, this means you will be able to share any audiobooks in your library with the other member of your Amazon Household.

Note: At this time, you cannot share your Audible Membership Benefits in a Amazon Household. In addition, you cannot share audiobooks with child profiles.

To transfer your audiobooks to an Audible compatible device (i.e., MP3 Players, Garmins, SanDisks) you will need to install Audible Manager . (It's easy, don't worry!)

Next, plug the device into your computer and follow these steps. (If you'd like, you can call us and we'll walk you through it!)

You will see a progress bar letting you know the transfer status. Once completed, your Audible content will be transferred to your Audible compatible device. Happy listening!

Audible offers several membership gift options where you can choose a three, six, or twelve-month membership for a friend or family member (or really anyone because you're just so generous).

Customers who receive one of these gifts get ALL Audible membership benefits and keep any audiobooks they purchase while on their plan

Give the gift of an Audible membership. Your friends and family will love you and will most certainly forget about that time you called them old, bought them socks, or forgot their special day entirely.

Note: Socks are a great gift too, but listening to them like you would our audiobooks may be a little awkward.

The Audible Cloud Player allows Windows and PC users the ability to stream purchased audiobooks through the Library page of the Audible website instead of downloading. If you are looking to download your content to a mobile device, or want to learn more about alternative ways of listening, click .

Whereas in Devanagari, or Bengali, or Tamil, or the other big languages in India, the inability to have good ligatures makes it hard to read. I mean, the first fonts in the Indic world were so unreadable that Indian kids all did texting on their phones in Latin. They transliterated their own language in Latin because they couldn’t read the damn Devanagari. That’s been true in Myanmar, it’s been true in Cambodia, all the way through to the so-called Brahmic culture of lettering, it’s been very hard to adapt to electronic devices. It’s happening now. Google is actually leading the way, in many respects, on that. Google has 50 Devanagari fonts in Google Fonts. It’s kind of amazing. But it’s still setting types as separate glyphs.

With variable fonts, which we might not want to get into, there is an opportunity people like John Hudson have talked about, of using the hyphenation table in HTML to look up how you should connect ligatures in Indic languages. That would be great—and how much more fluid and beautiful we could become. For Westerners… I mean, I can’t speak any of these languages. I watched John Hudson at TYPO Labs Berlin , which you can see on YouTube. It’s an amazing idea of how this can happen. However, you need knowledge like his to be able to understand what it is, what we need to do. I think that’s the global challenge. We’re really moving quickly into a much more complicated world.

Jeffrey: There’s so much, again, to unpack, but I’d like to focus just on variable fonts for a minute, if you don’t mind, since I know you guys are working on them pretty hard. Tell me about that.

Roger: What do you want to know?

Jen: What is it?

Roger: I think the easiest way to understand variable fonts is that it’s several styles of a font, of a typeface family, pushed into one font file. So, you could have bold and light in the same font. Instead of having two or 12 or 15 or a hundred different variations of the weight of a font in different files, in your font menu to select, they could all be in one font. Using CSS, you could say, “Okay, I want a weight that’s 1/20th of that,” and the font will just respond—if the browser is up to it, which I think we’re seeing. All the browsers are making an interface that you can do this. So, the first iteration of variable fonts, so with these variations of weight or width or size, are happening in the kind of development versions of the big browsers right now.

Jeffrey: Are they doing it with fonts and some new CSS? Are they doing it with SVG? How do you control something like that that wasn’t envisioned when they wrote CSS?

Roger: Well, a variable font is a version of OpenType. It’s the next thing. So, the fonts are downloaded on the web just the way all TrueType or OpenType fonts are downloaded. The trick is to then specify how you want the variation to be issued on the page. That takes a little bit of a learning curve, but there are interfaces that people are working on to have slider bars for the three or four different axes that are in the font. Now, Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Adobe have embraced the first three axes of these fonts—weight, width, and size—because if you have one font instead of 15 fonts, the page loads faster. So, there’s an improvement of 30 percent of file size per font. Now, if you’re YouTube, you don’t maybe care too much about that. But for Google at large, the amount of text that’s being downloaded in the world simultaneously is a big thing, it’s a big number.

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