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Dedicated to Sublimity

by E-Saggila

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Picking up from where she left off with last years successful Tools of My Purpose, E-Saggila has returned to BANK employing a more sublime and immersive electronic document. Previously leaning toward noisier and distorted rhythms, she has incorporated more sophisticated elements into writing and production. Dedicated to Sublimity is a product of growth and progression but still reflects the raw elements we’ve heard in her early recordings. Lush and atmospheric elements coincide with the brutality of her live sets and play off one another as a cohesive representation of the E-Saggila project.
released July 13, 2018 Written Produced and Recorded by Rita Mikhael published by BANK Records NYC Ltd
all rights reserved


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BANK Records NYC Brooklyn, New York

The successful reintroduction and conservation of kaka in cities faces two challenges: 1) the conservation and management of habitats to enable the movement and settlement of individual birds and, 2) the reduction of introduced predator populations to minimum levels. Hence, the persistence of kaka in NZ cities requires an understanding of the space use of dispersing individuals as a prerequisite for the establishment and persistence of subpopulations ( Levey et al. 2005 ). Although the reintroduction of kaka in Wellington took place more than a decade ago, no research has identified the patterns of space use of this indicator species within the city. Using GPS-tracking devices we studied the spatial ecology of released NZ kaka as an example of indicator and flagship species requiring a combined management strategy of habitat conservation and pest control. We quantified landscape resource selection by juvenile kaka in the urban environment of Wellington. This is, to our knowledge, the first study to track kaka using light-weight GPS devices. Considering the forest-dependent character of the species and the protection and artificial feeding opportunities provided by the wildlife sanctuary, we predicted that reintroduced kaka mostly selected patches within or in the proximity to native forest. Because of this supplementary food and the predator protection found in the wildlife sanctuary, we also predicted that most excursions into the cities’ inner suburbs are originated from the wildlife sanctuary where kaka concentrate their space use (i.e., areas of high use).

Our study area was placed in Wellington City, the administrative capital of NZ. The city lies in the south of NZ North Island (41°17'S) and is included within the larger urban area of the Wellington region, which comprises Wellington City, and 3 adjacent cities. The Wellington region has an urban population of 471,315 residents, whereas Wellington city has 190,956 residents (Wellington 2013 census, Sale Comfortable Emilio Pucci printed ruffle bikini Discount Outlet Store Geniue Stockist Sale Online Buy Cheap Visit Great Deals Online WnnqTD8kp
, retrieved 12-3-2015), Wellington City combines flat areas adjacent to the harbor with surrounding hills. Overall, the Wellington region has an average green space (including tree lined streets, parks, gardens, community gardens, and cemeteries) ratio of 207 m 2 per person ( Neate 2013 ). Regrowth native forests and bush remnants remain within the urban area in a network of reserves maintained by the Wellington City Council and local volunteers, in conjunction with pest management plans ( Wellington City Council 2004 ). Relevant native forest tree species are podocarps such as tōtara Podocarpus totara , rimu Dacrydium cupressinum , kahikatea Dacrycarpus dacrydioides , miro Prumnopitys ferruginea , and mataī Prumnopitys taxifolia .

Zealandia is ∼2 km from downtown Wellington, on the western boundaries of the urbanized area. This reserve is a 225-ha tract of native forest encompassing a former water catchment area for the city. It was developed by the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary Trust as a mainland island to preserve the habitat free from introduced predators and other mammals by means of a predator-proof fence that was erected in 1999 ( King 2005 ). The sanctuary carries out varied programs on the conservation and restoration of native forest and wildlife, including invertebrates, reptiles, and birds ( www.visitzealandia.com , retrieved 12-3-2015).

The events property may also be defined as a function that returns an events hash, to make it easier to programmatically define your events, as well as inherit them from parent views.

Using delegateEvents provides a number of advantages over manually using jQuery to bind events to child elements during Unravel Project openback logo Tshirt Cheap Low Shipping Fee Discount Supply BOJcMGSwh
. All attached callbacks are bound to the view before being handed off to jQuery, so when the callbacks are invoked, this continues to refer to the view object. When delegateEvents is run again, perhaps with a different events hash, all callbacks are removed and delegated afresh — useful for views which need to behave differently when in different modes.

A single-event version of delegateEvents is available as delegate . In fact, delegateEvents is simply a multi-event wrapper around delegate . A counterpart to undelegateEvents is available as undelegate .

A view that displays a document in a search result might look something like this:

undelegateEvents undelegateEvents() Removes all of the view's delegated events. Useful if you want to disable or remove a view from the DOM temporarily.

Backbone.noConflict var backbone = Backbone.noConflict(); Returns the Backbone object back to its original value. You can use the return value of Backbone.noConflict() to keep a local reference to Backbone. Useful for embedding Backbone on third-party websites, where you don't want to clobber the existing Backbone.

Backbone.$ Backbone.$ = $; If you have multiple copies of jQuery on the page, or simply want to tell Backbone to use a particular object as its DOM / Ajax library, this is the property for you.

Why use Backbone, not [other framework X]? If your eye hasn't already been caught by the adaptability and elan on display in the above Cheap Sale Footlocker Finishline House Of Holland Looper sunglasses Discount Pick A Best Best Seller For Sale Cool Sale Great Deals gnjy2rPUi
, we can get more specific: Backbone.js aims to provide the common foundation that data-rich web applications with ambitious interfaces require — while very deliberately avoiding painting you into a corner by making any decisions that you're better equipped to make yourself.

There's More Than One Way To Do It It's common for folks just getting started to treat the examples listed on this page as some sort of gospel truth. In fact, Backbone.js is intended to be fairly agnostic about many common patterns in client-side code. For example...

References between Models and Views can be handled several ways. Some people like to have direct pointers, where views correspond 1:1 with models ( model.view and view.model ). Others prefer to have intermediate "controller" objects that orchestrate the creation and organization of views into a hierarchy. Others still prefer the evented approach, and always fire events instead of calling methods directly. All of these styles work well.

The Center for Creative Photography is the premier research collection of American photographic fine art and archives, promoting creative inquiry, dialogue, and appreciation of photography’s enduring cultural influence.
An innovative collaboration that helps us share our vibrant photography exhibitions with a larger community.

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